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Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters - September 30th

We will recognize this day at school on Friday, September 28th

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governmetns, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconcilliation and hope for generations of children to come.  Check out for more on the story of this day.

Social Media Awareness and Parenting in a Digital World - September 26th at CRP

The Social Media Awareness and Parenting the Digital World event is being held on Wednesday, September 26th at Campus Regina Public, starting at 7:00 p.m. Regina Public Schools is proud to sponsor this event, which is being presented by Safer Schools Together.

The parent presentation will focus on all things digital. Your child has now entered into their digital media lives, where cell phone ownership doubles, video game use explodes and they dive into the world of social media and hypertexting.

  • Family rules, parental controls and developing a family tech plan
  • Recommendations for monitoring your teen’s digital life.
  • Help your child develop a strong digital citizenship
  • A snapshot of the current trends and concerning apps will be provided.




AM 7:20-8:21
PERIOD 1 8:30 - 9:31
PRIDE 9:35 - 9:50
PERIOD 2 9:54 - 10:55
PERIOD 3 10:59 - 12:00
LUNCH 12:00 - 1:10 (WARNING BELL - 1:05)
PERIOD 4 1:10 - 2:11
PERIOD 5 2:15 - 3:16

NOTE:  Lates and Unexcused Absences can impact
your student's learning and their possibility of
earning an Incentive during Final Assessment week.

MODIFIED SCHEDULE (Look on Event Calendar for notice)

School Wide PRIDE  8:30-8:45 in Auditorium

Period 1 8:50-9:51

Period 2 9:55-10:56

Period 3 11:00-12:00








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