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Online Research Resources

Ancient Society Research Resources, by karenthull



Looking for Peer Reviewed Academice Sources?

Online Magazines, Journals and Newspapers  This is a collection of databases of peer reviewed journal articles, encylopedias and specialized sources you can search by subject area.  See the related tips for database searching.  Some of the sources also have citation machines embedded.

From home use the Login button.  Username is firstname.lastname Password is your birthdate DDMM 

Search Tips

Try Wolfphram Alpha for comparative analysis.  When searching in any search engine, use advanced search terms and techniques like the ones below.  Use Google Scholar rather than just searching the web to find full text articles. 

Search Techniques:  

Use words not sentences, i.e. Are there Vimy Ridge memorials and omit punctuation unless using it as a search command.

  • If using two or more word phrases use quotations, i.e. "Vimy Ridge"
  • If using two or more terms use AND, i.e. "Vimy Ridge" AND memorial
  • Use the tabs in google to limit searches by format.
  • Use - to exlude words
  • Use related: to find sites that are similar
  • Use OR to search more than one word
  • Link to Advanced Search Tools and more search engines.


Then use Website Wizard to evaluate the information contained at that site.  Is your information from a credible source? Verified?


Lastly, cite your sources and do not plagiarize.  Need help citing sources? Check out the following pages for help.